Home security is at the top of our minds when we leave the house for work or settle down for a night’s rest. Throughout the day or in the middle of the night, you may wonder if you locked the door or left the window open

While these concerns aren’t without reason — it’s always good to check you’ve locked and bolted your windows and doors —  it’s often forgotten that a lock and bolt isn’t always going to protect your home, especially if they’re old and worn.

So, what can you do to provide yourself with more peace of mind? Let’s take a look at some of the ways replacement windows and new doors can maximise your home security.

A durable material 

Your old door might have once looked chic, but now it’s looking a little sad. When selecting your new doors, you’ll want to select a door made of quality material. Solid wood or fibreglass doors are harder to permeate, and also stand the test of time against Northamptonshire’s treacherous weather!

This doesn’t mean you have to select a solid wooden door: a uPVC door is stylish, but also safe. We use decorative glass which is sturdy, protecting your home 24/7. Our uPVC doors also have an up-to-date multi-point accredited locking system and are made from top-class quality hardware.

Strong glass

Old glass becomes thin and easy to break. Installing replacement windows maximises window security. Laminated or tempered glass can help improve durability, adding strength and preventing the glass from breaking.

At KP Glass & Windows we make sure all our windows go through strict quality control. We’ve tested our windows to BSI-approved standards to ensure you don’t have to worry about home security.

Robust hinges and locks 

You’ve locked the door, and checked the windows, but have you noticed how loose your hinges are becoming, or how rusty that lock is? Installing new windows and doors can be a good chance to upgrade the other, forgotten aspects of home security.

When selecting your new windows and doors, consider choosing a type which has a robust locking system. Multi-point locking systems are a safe option, functioning by engaging with different points along the frame to reduce the number of weak spots in your window frame.

Locks can become rusty, making them vulnerable to pressure. Consider strong bolts, made from durable metals, to maximise door security.

Professional installation

DIY can be rewarding and satisfying, especially when you manage to prove doubters wrong. However, unless you’re a semi-pro in all things security, it’s best to leave high-risk issues such as home security, to the experts. Having windows and doors installed professionally ensures they are fitted correctly and have all the right safety features.

And, while we’re sure you’d treat the task with the utmost care and thought, human error happens to the best of us. If the doors and windows were to be installed poorly, this could compromise the effectiveness of even the most secure materials.

Replacement windows and doors you can rely on

At KP Glass & Windows we put your safety first, always. That’s why our team of experts are on hand to ensure your new front doors and window replacements are installed to the highest quality.

Because we’re a local independent business, specialising in window and door installation across Kettering and Northamptonshire, you don’t have to worry about delayed responses or automated robots.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Because we believe in honest, no-frills transparency, we’ll also provide you with a free quotation so you know exactly where you stand with us.