Secondary glazing and repairs

At K P Glass & Windows Ltd, we offer secondary glazing installation and repair services at competitive prices. With customers in Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Northamptonshire, Corby, Thrapston and Raunds.

Secondary glazing is the best solution for historic buildings, conservation sites or homes that are under LBC, Listed Building Consent, and for flats and windows that are difficult to access, being a practical solution when you need to improve energy efficiency and noise reduction.
KP Glass & Windows are your local fitter in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Reduce heat loss, noise and add security with our secondary glazing solutions

Secondary glazing is the best option for homeowners and architects/specifiers as an alternative to replacement windows for many reasons.

Easy installation and no mess

Secondary glazing is low cost and can be made to measure, easily fitted inside an existing window frame and you do not have the disruption that you get with removing and replacing windows and the need for redecoration.

Low cost and reversible

Secondary glazing offers a reversible solution without removing any existing window frames, making it ideal if the building or home is of historic origin, Grade I or Grade II listed, or, it may be in a conservation area where the original external features such as sash or metal windows are to be retained, these are usually restrictions in place by LBC, (Listed Building Consent), in this situation secondary glazing the only solution.

Improve living spaces

Also, known for being a practical solution for improving the energy efficiency of all types of living spaces, commonly a solution for flats or windows that are not easily reached, and would not be cost effective to replace.


Enjoy the benefits

Fitting inside the original windows they offer the same benefits as double glazed windows, recongised as improving the performance of the window unit by the physical nature of it being a second glazed panel.

The primary reason for fitting Secondary glazing is the reduction of heat loss, the units also lower external noise, are known for their qualities to reduce condensation and being a secondary panel, offer an additional obstacle and by doing so improves window security.

All these benefits and, at the same time, retaining the original character of the building.

Glazing that complements

KP Glass & Windows have expert fitters, installing secondary glazing systems to customers across Northamptonshire. Based in Kettering, they are your local window experts who can advise you on the options available and help you choose the right secondary glazing units that suit your situation.

We have a range of secondary glazing solutions helping you find one that suits your window style and complement your interior design, thus, not only meeting the requirement of retaining the exterior features, but also maintaining and not spoiling your interior look.


Peace of mind with KP Glass & Windows

Our reputation is based on recommendation so you can be assured that we use top quality products with an excellent service, our installations are covered by our own guarantee as we believe in our products.


Retains existing features

For improving window performance of an historic building, in a conservation area, Grade I and Grade II listed being compliant with Listed Building Consent (LBC) to ensure existing features of a building are retained.

Reduces heat loss

Secondary glazing can help reduce your heating bills as it increases the thermal efficiency of the window.

Sound insulation

Secondary glazing helps reduce external noise such as traffic, schools, airports, commercial, retail and outside noise.

Added security

Secondary glazing is an additional obstacle for any intruder.
Tilt Counterbalance secondary glazing

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