A strong and durable composite front door makes a great first impression. Because they’re robust and low maintenance, composite doors give your home enduring kerb appeal. But every front door needs a little help when it comes to looking neat and fresh.

We’ve taken a look at why it’s so important to keep your new front door clean and the best way to do the job for a smart and appealing result.

The importance of cleaning composite doors

Inevitably, your composite front door will accumulate dirt and grime over time, especially if you live on a busy road. As a result, your door sills and panels, plus any glazing, stop looking their best. Even worse, essential hardware like locks, letterboxes and hinges no longer function as well as they should.

But it’s not just kerb appeal that suffers. You need to maintain your front door if you want to keep your home safe, secure and draught-free. Composite doors are engineered to provide excellent insulation and have a reputation for being easy to look after. At the same time, the immaculate finish is resistant to impact and damage, and a regular clean helps them perform as well as the day they were installed.

A new front door might not be top of the list when you’re thinking about home improvements. But regular maintenance improves longevity and energy efficiency and creates that all-important warm welcome.

Fortunately, composite doors are much easier to keep clean than traditional wooden front doors which often require extra love and attention. So keeping your composite front door in tip-top condition takes just a few minutes, once a month.

Cleaning your composite front door

Cleaning and maintaining a composite front door is easy if you follow a few straightforward steps:

Wash door panels

Composite doors may be easy to look after, but they need a helping hand to remove grime and surface dirt. You won’t need any special cleaners, just a bucket of warm water with hand soap or dishwashing liquid and a sponge.

Avoid any abrasive products like scouring pads or solvents that could damage the surface of your door, and don’t be tempted to steam clean. Instead, simply wipe down your door panels before drying with a soft cloth.

Polish hardware

Gently clean your door handle or knob, door knocker, hinges and letterbox with a mild detergent and a cloth. Avoid abrasives that could scratch the metal, then polish to a shine with a dry cloth. It’s best to lubricate hinges, letterboxes and locks every six months to keep them in perfect working order.

Clean glass

If you have glazed panels on your door, make them a part of your regular glass cleaning routine and tackle them with the same products. A glass cleaner will give them extra sparkle, so any stained or decorative glass really pops.

Inspect your door

You can take the time while cleaning to do a thorough inspection of your door. Look for any chips or cracks, make sure glazed panels are secure and check the draughtproof strips. Finally, lubricate the locks and hinges if necessary to keep your door operating smoothly and securely.

Composite doors built to last

Engineered or composite doors are a popular choice when you want a front door that’s built to last. Strong, stylish and secure, our composite doors are made to the highest specifications, and they’re easy to maintain for a long-lasting impact.
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