Modern and sleek, bi-fold doors are an elegant touch to any home. What makes these doors different? Bi-folding doors are essentially doors that fold open, stacking snugly together at the side of the opening. They’re a practical, stylish alternative to sliding patio doors and help to create a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space.

As the door panels can be discreetly tucked away, this concertina style of door is popular amongst homeowners who want to save space or enjoy the option of having a completely open entrance to their garden.

Bi-fold doors make your room feel bigger

As mentioned before, bi-fold doors help to save on space by folding in on themselves. As they can usually fold outwards or inwards, you can opt to install them to stack outside your house (giving you more space on the inside) or inside your house (giving you more patio space). This versatility makes them an ideal option for most homes.

Plus, if you have a conservatory, you can install bi-fold doors in the outside wall leading into your structure. Again, you’ll be able to choose how your doors stack depending on the space requirements of your home.


Bi-folding doors help you appreciate the beauty of your garden

While bi-fold doors and sliding doors both incorporate large amounts of glass for maximum natural light and sweeping views of the outdoors, bi-folds have an extra advantage that sliding doors lack…

Sliding doors are made from one or two panes of glass that slide sideways to the edge of the frame when opened. This means that even at their ‘most open’, panels will still be blocking part of the doorway. Bi-fold doors, on the other hand, can open all the way. Their concertina folding style allows the door panels to neatly fold to the side of the door frame, giving you an unobstructed doorway (and view) whenever you want it.

Bi-folds allow your garden to become an extension of your living space, creating an unforgettable backdrop to your dinner parties or summer gatherings. By bringing the outdoors and indoors together, they create the ultimate environment for socialising with friends and family.

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