Across the internet, there are plenty of websites to show you how you can do a DIY job on window installation. However, there are big risks when it comes to doing it yourself, and replacement windows tend to have an overall better finish if done by a professional.

At KP Glass and Windows we specialise in windows and doors, offering replacement windows, bi-fold installation and much more. We serve customers in Kettering and across Northamptonshire, providing you with the best window and doors installation.

Lack of knowledge

You might be a dab hand at simple fixer-upper jobs at home, but installing replacement windows is a lot more technical and complicated in comparison to ordinary DIY jobs. This means you may lack the necessary knowledge to secure your replacement windows safely and efficiently.

Outdated materials

There are plenty of gadgets and tools out there for you to replace your windows with, but the chances are they’re pretty pricey. This means you run the risk of foregoing more efficient tools for the old, rusty ones you find in a toolbox.

Little protection

At KP Glass & Windows we offer warranty protection to cover you in the case of unknown issues, including a warranty on the materials used in your window installation. This saves you money as you don’t need to splash out extra cash in replacement of these materials or repairs. If you perform a window installation yourself, you won’t be covered.

Mess, mess and more mess

Put simply, a big DIY renovation is going to result in a lot of mess. KP Glass & Windows takes this burden away from you, meaning you don’t have to worry about the clean up after your new cut glass windows have been installed.

Out of the loop

Unless you’re a window replacement fanatic, it’s likely you won’t have an up to date insight on the latest trends and tips that could make your window replacement all the more efficient. For example, if there is a new cut glass material that improves home efficiency, you may miss out on this. At KP Glass & Windows, we’re here to provide you with the most recent advancements in window replacement technology.