Double glazing is one of the most popular home improvements. New windows can improve the aesthetics of your home and save on your energy bills. But what happens if your windows aren’t installed properly? These are seven common problems caused by poor window installation and what you can do to fix them.

Draughts, gaps and leaks

If you’ve had new double glazed windows installed and your home feels as draughty as ever, bad installation is to blame. Look for gaps between the windowsill and the frame where the installer hasn’t measured up properly.   The problem is that the leaks don’t even have to be visible to cause a problem. Still, they will only worsen over time.

Water damage

If you’ve noticed peeling paintwork or wallpaper, or wet stains on your carpet, then faulty window installation could be to blame. Ill-fitting windows can result in unsightly mould and water damage to your walls.


Modern double glazed windows are made up of two panes of glass, one being an energy efficient glass, with an inert gas trapped between them. This combination of glass and layering helps to reduce heat transfer from the inside to the outside, keeping your home cosy and comfortable.    If a glazed unit has a defect it will be noticeable in days. Poor manufacturing can result in a break in the seal, this creates the familiar fogging effect, condensation.   A poor installation company would not be inspecting for faults and may not notice any defects.

Windows won’t close

You might overlook this issue at first, especially if your installation happened in the colder months. But the first time you want to let in some fresh air, your windows won’t budge. This problem can be due to faulty glass installation.   This could mean that your windows aren’t correctly packed, ensuring the weight of glass in carried on the hinges, and your windows will drop and misalign to the closures.   There may also be some cheap hardware still on the market that is not to BSI standards, if these are used, then they will add to the poor installation.

Uneven windows

Each window should be made to measure and fit perfectly. The installer should have carefully measured each unit. If they’ve done their job, each window is manufactured to fit and slots perfectly into place. If it doesn’t, then you could pay the price in rising energy bills and the cost of reinstating internal and external decorating when fixing the problem.

Poor finishing

Once the installer has finished, check your windows carefully. You’re looking for flawlessly executed caulking or triming, which helps to seal the windows into place.    If you notice your installer rushing to get finished, then they may not do a top-quality job of sealing your windows in place. The result? Draughts and water damage.

Rising energy bills

Had new windows installed and still receiving big heating bills? It’s ironic, but poorly installed double glazing may result in your energy bills rising.    Poorly fitted windows mean your boiler has to work harder to keep your home heated. And draughts and gaps can quickly suck out the warmth from your interiors. The result? You end up paying more for your windows in the long run.

Professional window installation in Northamptonshire

So what’s the solution to poorly installed windows? Suppose you’ve had double glazing installed and you’re noticing any of these issues. The good news is that a professional installer can fix them.   At KP Glass & Windows Ltd., our knowledgeable and experienced team comprises professional installers and skilled glass technicians. We’re also a CERTASS registered uPVC window supplier   We have years of experience installing replacement windows in Kettering, Northampton, Wellingborough, Corby and Rushden, so you’ll get quality window installations every time. Contact us now for your free quotation.