UPVC windows and doors have been popular since the 1980s. However, modern uPVC is better than ever. It’s highly customisable and can even mimic traditional wooden frames. So before you contact your uPVC window supplier, these are our seven favourite reasons to use this versatile material for your replacement doors and windows.



UPVC is incredibly tough and durable. They won’t warp, crack or rot due to being exposed to the elements. So your windows and doors can last up to eighty years looking as good as new.

And because they’re weatherproof and water resistant, your replacement doors and windows last longer without showing their age.


Minimise maintenance

Another of the great benefits of uPVC is that it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden doors and frames that need constant sealing, treating and painting, uPVC requires minimal upkeep.

A quick wipe-over with a soapy cloth will soon make your windows and doors look their best. So you can say goodbye to flaking paint and messy timber treatments.


Safety and security

The safety and security of your home are paramount. And uPVC windows and doors don’t just add kerb appeal. They also enhance your home security for peace of mind.

Features like reinforced safety glass, tight seals, multi-point locking systems and other in-built security features make life much tougher for any would-be intruders.

In addition, uPVC frames burn at a much higher temperature than timber, making them an excellent choice for increased safety. Look for fire-rated uPVC windows and doors wherever you need to provide a safe route in the event of fire.


Increased insulation

Around 20% of heat loss in your home results from poorly fitted doors and windows. But you can banish those cold spots and draughts with uPVC double and triple glazing. Because uPVC is a poor heat conductor, it’s an excellent choice when you want to keep your home snug and warm.

In addition, you’ll increase energy efficiency in your home, reducing your heating bills and carbon footprint. And as an added bonus, your uPVC glazing will block out the noise of busy roads and loud neighbours, helping you relax in your own cosy and peaceful haven.


Highly customisable

Innovations in uPVC manufacture mean your windows and doors now come in various colours and styles, from heritage hues to wood textures. And with multiple window styles, including casements, tilt and turn, bi-folds and much more, you can achieve that all-important bespoke look.

Any uPVC window supplier should be able to supply the perfect product to suit your aesthetic and add value to your home.


Value for money

Replacing your doors and windows can be a significant investment. But uPVC is a budget-friendly option that makes excellent economic sense.

After all, uPVC is more affordable than timber and aluminium without the drawbacks associated with those materials. And the range of options ensures your replacement windows and doors look reassuringly expensive without breaking the bank.


Better kerb appeal

Homebuyers put secure doors and double glazing at the top of their list of must-haves. After all, no one wants a draughty home with excessive energy bills. And a tired facade with rotting windows and peeling paint is a big turn-off for prospective buyers.

Replacement windows and doors can add significantly to your home’s value and give it fabulous kerb appeal. And whether you’re moving on or staying in your forever home, you can transform your property and be the envy of your neighbours.


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