If you’ve ever thought about having a conservatory installed in your house, but were unsure of the benefits, this article is for you. Here are eight key benefits of having a home conservatory.

Extra room

A conservatory with high-quality windows and doors can be extremely well-protected from the outside. This means it can be used as a bedroom, home office or second lounge.

Increased property value

Potential buyers could find a conservatory an attractive selling point. Features such as french doors and double glazed units can help add to this appeal.

Cheaper than an extension

Conservatories require far fewer materials than a standard house extension. Even if you have features such as bi-folding doors, a conservatory will still be a significantly cheaper investment.


There are so many different styles of a conservatory – York, Victorian, Edwardian and so on. Plus, there is an abundance of double glazing units, windows and doors for you to choose from.

Garden views

A conservatory makes it easy to enjoy your garden from the comfort of your house. Plus, you can install french doors or bi-folding doors to make the connection between your home and garden even stronger.


Conservatories can have the same quality security and locking systems as any external windows or doors. What’s more, many conservatory companies will offer guarantees of up to ten years.

Planning permission

Getting planning permission to build a conservatory is much more straightforward than for an extension. Unlike extensions, conservatories do not have to be identical to the rest of your home.

And relax

Ultimately, a conservatory is a great place to kick back and relax. Natural light and garden views are ideal ingredients for a peaceful experience. KP Glass and Windows offer conservatory installations in Kettering and Northamptonshire. Our experts can provide high-quality doors and double glazing units, plus guidance to help you ensure your conservatory stays well-maintained. Contact us now to find out how we can help.