Well-installed windows improve the energy efficiency, heating, and safety of your home. But if your windows are starting to degrade, or even if they were poorly installed in the first place, they can cause a whole variety of issues. Sometimes, the best option is to get replacement windows. But how do you know when this is necessary?

Signs you need replacement windows

It isn’t always obvious when windows need replacing; sometimes the issues aren’t even visible to the naked eye. So be alert for these signs in your home to make sure your windows are saving — not costing — you money.

You’re getting high energy bills

If you get your energy bill and something looks wrong, it could be a sign you need to check the windows. Any of the issues mentioned in the rest of the article can cause excessive heat to escape through your windows, leading to your central heating picking up the slack and higher energy bills.

Replacing your old windows with high-quality windows will keep your house heated (or cooled) more efficiently, helping you to keep those energy bills down.

You can feel a draft

Windows are there to let in light while keeping out the cold and the wind. But if you can feel a draft when you’re next to the window, it might not be doing its job properly. When a breeze is coming in through a closed window, it could be time to replace it.

They’re not opening or shutting

Issues with opening or closing windows can happen for several reasons. Balance issues stemming from poor installation, rust, or rot can make it harder to open or close your windows. This may seem like an issue you can live with, but difficulty closing or locking your windows could impact the safety of your home.

They’re single glazed

Many older properties still have single glazing on their windows. If your house still has single-glazed windows, replacing them with double-glazed windows will do wonders for its energy efficiency.

With some of these issues, you might be tempted to repair your windows. While a replacement will guarantee the best fix and set you up for the future, a simple repair might be all you need. However, in the case of single-glazed windows, there’s no getting around it — replacement windows or secondary glazing are necessary.

Condensation and moisture

A break in a window’s seal can cause condensation on the glass or other kinds of water damage in your home, including mould. Check for dampness, peeling paint, or wet stains.

Noise from outside

Windows aren’t just there to keep us warm and save energy. They also block out unwanted noise from outside the house. If the outside noise in one room seems a bit too loud, it could be because the window isn’t doing its job. This is especially important if you live on a busy street or road where proper noise reduction is even more necessary.

Damaged window frames

This sign is a little more obvious than the rest. If your windows are showing visible signs of damage such as rot, or gaps between the frame from poor installation, then it’s pretty clear what the problem is. Soft or chipped window frames could mean water damage, which requires replacement windows.

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